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  • oh captain my captain

  • Full Throttle, crap; no wait; I forgot chock the wheels.

  • I have been designing something similar except is uses I2C to control the motors and uses a ATmega328 so I can just write arduino code to the other difference is I use 4 gpio pins to allow for i2C addressing. I would rather use a sparkfun part but serial is expensive I2C would be my choice as I can use two pins and send to multiple motor controllers and devices. any chance you guys might make a i2C version wouldn't take much just a update to the firmware and provide the ability to update an address byte if you have some eeprom space left. I just don't have the right skills to write that code, compile and flash the 168 chip. i see in the schematic it is already wired up with the i2c pins.

  • Thank god for spark fun; Clark Kent might have had to pay Bruce Wayne for losing the bet on finding the right part for the new Batman flying suit.

  • Its Alive; Alive I tell you

  • I guess my question is there something Similar to the Bridge Library for Arduino Yún on the Edison. I dont know what the System() call is where is the Doc on that?

  • I am extremely excited about the edison. I love the simplicity of the arduino. What I am very curious about is if it is possible from the arduino code to call in and start processes on the Linux Side. I realize I could probably make some sorta com link between the two but what would be really awesome for instance have the arduino style code running and managing say a robot and use the power of the atom processor to do the heavy lifting for applications like image processing. or even have the ability from the linux side to call in say an interupt. Like I'm done processing this image and the results are you have a huge cliff your about to fall over. I realize I am over simplifying this and I would need to build neural networks on the linux side to handle that processing. which Wouldn't be hard as long as there is an easy link between the two sides to call and execute processes.

  • If I could just thread this needle but my thread keeps melting...

  • ok So this product is well great just got mine today except one problem. there are no pin outs on the servo wires and nothing on the site. Since I know Sparkfun had it running it would be really awesome if they told me what color wires for the servos go to what. however it is really nice that it comes with the right size tools even to change the configuration.

  • Ok this is exciting. so besides the video control. Resolving that issue not needing video.
    So my wife has been pestering me to build something useful for her. My son keeps telling me he wants to build a robot. My response to him is what is it going to do. He says pick up my toys. I go hmm thats going to be difficult. My wife says make one that does laundry. I go how do I keep it from getting wet.
    This brings together some ideas how to accomplish both of those real life problems my son and wife keep asking me to solve. I see some real possibilities. I never though of a flying robot doing these things. My question is how heavy are those beams?