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  • Another un-intended side effect of the sale. Because I chose to ship my order all at once when avaliable, You system placed a charge of $0.00 on my credit card which caused my bank to lock down my card until I called them (I found out after I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things Luckily I had cash!)

    I was surprised. Obviously they didn't look at my card history or they would have seen dozens of other orders from sparkfun in the past. It was actually funny, they guy who answered the phone said he uses Sparkfun as well! Still worth it for all the arduinos I ordered lol

  • When the Ministry of Magic stopped using owls for interdepartmental memos (the mess was awful), Sparkfun got a new message delivery system.

  • Is this beam visible indoors?

  • To quote the great scholar Philip J. Fry "Shut up and take my money!!!

  • WOW that is the shiniest quarter I've ever seen!!!

  • to bad its nearly 19 hours to Colorado from Kentucky, I'd love to give this a try but even IF i won that prize money would hardly cover the gas to get there. LOL

  • lol great minds think alike

  • Finally, the Arduino to finish my cat chasing robot

  • the secret to recaptcha is that only one word actually needs to be entered correctly. The words that had the black blobs on them were the "known" words that the program uses to judge. The other word/symbol is the "unknown" word that was scanned from a book/paper/etc. You can enter anything you want in these unknown words. I was usually hitting the first letter or 2 for most of them. The particular recaptcha they used here on sparkfun needed at least 1 random character in the unknown word, some recaptchas don't need any.

  • any idea when these will be back in stock?

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