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  • Specs elsewhere list this as an M16x1 thread on the panel mount side. The clearance hole for this is described on tap charts as 18.0mm or 45/64". The retaining ring (on the connector's panel top side) looks like it's either 18.5mm or 19.0mm, so drilling a 16-17mm may make for a more secure fit. I have these on order and will take calipers to them when they arrive.

  • Figured out my problem with the keypad. I was using the wiring laid out in the datasheet, the actual wiring for the keypad is in the example code:"The four rows of the button matrix should be connected to the SX1509's 0:3 pins. The columns of the button matrix should be connected to the SX1509's 8:11 pins."

  • Has anybody gotten the keypad example to work? I'm using a Duemilanove w/ATmega328, commented out the Leonardo parts, but still can't get the keypad engine to scan. I got the digitalReadWrite example to work, even tried merging it into the keypad example where it still works. With the keypad example, watching the various SX1509 pins on a logic analyzer is showing no activity across IO0...IO7, nRST, nINT, SCL or SDA (keypad setup per pg.16 in the datasheet.)

  • Wow! No way the pictures do this justice! It's HUGE!! Seriously, it's bigger than the palm of my hand. It's 3.75" across the outer diameter, 3" across for the red dome (see pix above with ruler.) It's the Crocodile Dundee of push button switches (That's not a push button switch, mate. THIS is a push button switch!)
    As a note, the switch/bulb section comes out as a unit via a bayonet mount. You have to take that out to disassemble for mounting and it looks like the switch is a press fit that you pop out, but don't! Give it a push in and a counter-clockwise twist. The notes above state that the switch is replaceable, but it feels like the mounting could crack around the switch if you pry it incorrectly. But, really, how often do you have to replace a microswitch?
    I was skeptical, but now that I have it in hand, it's totally worth the price.

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