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  • Please, don't ever even consider getting ISO 9000 certification. That is the single most certain way of destroying any known form of creativity know to man.

  • Can it be used as a high efficient voltage regulator from 3.3v -> 1.8v (since it's essentially a DC-DC buck converter)?

  • I seriously doubt any kind of keyboard violence can beat a good old fashioned fork-of-death.

  • I accidentally stumbled upon this card, seems to tick all your boxes for features lacking on this board.

  • So this is basically a Domino with more I/O pins and a JTAG port (but sans microSD :P)? Neat, the JTAG port certainly saves the day. I hope you're not paying any per piece licensing fees?
    NETMF simply isn't interesting as I have C/C++ code and libraries that works, no point rewriting stuff that works well just for the sake of rewriting (it's in fact a proven receipt for trouble).

  • If they could only supply this board without .Net I (and a few others obviously) would be thrilled, but judging from the comments on the Domino it seems this will never happen.


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GPS logger small enough to be on a cat's collar. You do the...