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  • OK. I tried it with headphones while holding the DD2 - no hum! Gonna get a shielded cable and see if that eliminates the hum without headphones…

  • I’m plugging it into the aux jack of my ghetto blaster (Victor RC-550). I use the same cable and blaster with my iPod and no hum.

    I’ll try headphones to troubleshoot, but want to figure out how to use it without them.

    It wasn’t a kit; it came assembled from Bleep Labs via Stones Throw.

    BTW, thanks for the prompt responses. :)

  • Hum is present even though I’m not touching components or bottom of PCB.

    I’ve tried three cables, one of which has a ferrite core on each end; hum did not go away. All three cables are stereo male to male 1/8" patchcords. I use them to connect my iPod to my ghetto blaster and there is no hum. Should I be using different cables?

  • I have the Dam Drum 2.0. and dig it! :)

    Unfortunately, it has massive hum when I hold it and a lesser yet noticeable hum when I don’t. I’d love to be able to use it as shown in the video but can’t.

    Is my DD2 defective? Any ideas? Does the Bleep Drum have the same issue?

    Also, does the DD2 have the Noise30XX mode? If not, is it possible to add it?

  • I found an exploitation vector:

    Using CharlesProxy’s MapLocal to map to a local file that returns 1 will create a winner and deplete kitty by $100 yet user doesn’t get $$$. :(

    You need to map sessions to attempts on the server; can’t do it all on the front end.

    Do I win $100 for finding this?


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