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  • it has a 3rd order reconstruction filter and a 10-bit DAC. This means low fidelity in conventional audio terms. Also the triangle wave and square wave are not band limited so they will contain strong aliasing components.

  • Thanks Nathan for pointing out some alternative sources to Sparkfun, I have not had faulty parts or designs from many thousands of dollars bought from Adafruit, PJRC, Digikey, Mouser and others. I do however have quite a few boards with design flaws or poor manufacturing from Sparkfun so most of my business now goes elsewhere. In the early days I would tell others that Sparkfun was great because, although they do make mistakes, they will respond well to your feedback. I now feel otherwise. I would rather pay a few dollars more for better , more thoroughly thought through and tested designs. This TLC is an engineer’s way of expressing care and that they value their customer’s time. Recent examples of this every expanding choice of quality engineering with the customer in mind include the Seeedstudio grove ecosystem or this very well integrated wifi sensor/actuator system: http://www.x-io.co.uk/products/x-osc/

  • for $10 more you get at this sensor + IMU + bluetooth LE wireless, 2 buttons and a battery with the TI SensorTag.

  • This one has some of the features people are asking for: http://logos-electro.com/zigduino/

  • Not only do these fit badly with DS touch screens, the one I saw had three of the four pins shorted with a solder bridge. I had success with the AdaFruit board which has additional holes to screw it down.

  • If you are using a smaller Arduino so you don’t need the shield format you can buy the MIKROE-506 from Mouser for $20 with the same chip WM8731

  • Thanks Mike. Indeed the proof is in the pudding so it depends where your customers install the board.

    If anyone is interested in this issue for their own board designs compare Sparkfun’s to this one: http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slou134/slou134.pdf

    Also if you find you want lower distortion than 10% (at 1.4W) you can get lower distortion and higher efficiency with this chip by using a higher impedance speaker: 16-32Ohms. The volume wont be as loud though.

  • Nice chip. Can you please rev. the layout to avoid this problem mentioned in the datasheet: “Place the input resistors close to the TPA2005D1 to limit noise injection on the high-impedance nodes.”

    You have the high-impedance nodes routed all over the place.

  • To save money, get more ADC�s and all the features of the 32u4 boards you will want to look at the teensy and adafruit�s 32u4 board. Adafruit just announced the Flora etextile platform based on the 32u4. There are also now 32u4 boards from Olimex and others…

  • Yes, to save money, get more ADC’s and all the features of the 32u4 boards you will want to look at the teensy and adafruit’s 32u4 board. Adafruit just announced the Flora etextile platform based on the 32u4.

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