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  • The USB Host software uses the SPI library from the Arduino playground. Download here:

  • The Sparkfun usb host shield pcb has the two pins for GPX and RESET swapped from the original board by Oleg.
    You simply need to edit the max3421e_constsnts.h file to have.

    define MAX_GPX 7

    define MAX_RESET 8

    Then all code works the same as on the shield from Oleg.
    Power supply on the Sparkfun board is also different to Oleg. Sparkfun is powered from Vin.
    I have both boards and they work fine. Post here or on circuitsathome if you have any specific problems later.

  • I think it is unlikely you will see a large library of device drivers. They take a significant time to create, and there is usually no support from the USB device manufacturer.
    The arduino is memory challenged, which makes drivers for memory sticks and cameras most difficult.
    I personally use the USB Host shield, when other solutions are not available to support a specific device or interface. As a first choice I avoid USB completely, because it does put constraints on the whole arduino code operation to be non blocking, so for bluetooth serial profile, would still use a bluetooth serial module. When USB Host is needed, I still look if Vinculum or GHI, can already do what I need already. then I use the shield.
    With more chips having USB Host ports (PIC32, AVR8, AVR32, ARM, ..) more drivers will come available and easier to port to arduino. Especially when free stacks like the ones from Igor and LUFA are available.

  • If an iPad had a USB port, you could plug a 3G dongle into it. Where are the Job$ in that ?
    Arduino is about doing stuff, not perfect, not always pretty, no big marketing budget, lots of fun and lol !

  • If you want to support multiple devices , you would need to write hub libraries. Maybe your expectations of the Arduino platform are a bit high !

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