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  • Can the logger write to a file while connected to a PC or is it possible to implement composite USB behavior, so logging data can be read directly while its connected to a host pc?

  • What transfer rates rates can this board get up to when reading from the mass storage device?

  • I have a hard time reading sensible data from the Magnetometer. I cant seem to make it work.
    Gyro and accelerometer data is read fine.
    I initialize it all right, but the data I get out is always pointing in the same general direction. Its mooving a bit, but not as I expect.
    Where should the vector point? Straight north?
    Is it very sensitive to being mounted in a breadboard? I have a few jumper cables within 5 cm raneg of the sensor?
    I have tried estimating a bias, by reading max and min of sampled values. I remember having a phone that needed to be rotated to use the compass, and assume this is the same sort of sensor.
    I see the same behavior from two different units.
    I hope someone can suggest what I am doing wrong.
    Kind regards

  • I am working on a project where im using multiple Razor boards to measure orientations of the human body. Think of it as a simplistic motion capture system.
    Therefore I need to aquire data from several Razor boards and gather them on a Netduino. My problem is that I havent got more than one serial port on the Netduino, and I would like to save that for debugging.
    My idea was that I could have the AVR on the Razor board output I2C on two unused pins. Effectively making the AVR an I2C bridge. I need to have two I2C busses, to avoid address conflicts between sensors on the Razor boards. As I understand it they have static addresses.
    I would like your comments and feedback. There might be better ways, and it might not be possible at all.
    Im thinking can I do I2C on 2 generic pins?
    And is it possible to have two instances of Wire.h coexisting?
    I am aware that it would require some modding of the board, but im willing to do that.
    Kind regards

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