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  • The timings will actually be around 20ms for an interrupt. This is because interrupts are checked when switching between threads, which with no alteration to priority, takes every 20ms. Therefore if you are unlucky, you may respond to an input over 20ms late. Should you be running loops checking a variable, and not using interrupts, with a lot of threads running you may be around 100ms late - Its not a real life system, however it has load time procegers and other ways of solving these problems. I work with GHI products on a daily basis and would strongly recommend them for everything short of quadcopters.

  • Pretty sure its configurable up to 5Hz true. Oh god I hated the GS406.

  • What are the 6 through hole connections on the side of the board, right by the arudino? Are they unused inputs/outputs? Struggling to find them on the schematic, and they don't seem covered anywhere.

  • Epoxy Rasin :)

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