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  • I bought two of these for two different projects and managed to fry them both trying to do the same simple thing. Anyone possibly able to tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    I hooked up a simple hobby servo (HS-85MG, also sold by Sparkfun): ground to ground, power to VIN on the board (direct from USB before the voltage regulator), and command to pin 5. These were the only three wires connected on the board, besides USB. Conveniently these are next to each other in the correct order on the board. I wrote a sketch that takes commands over HTTP and sets the width of the servo command pulse (using the Arduino Servo API) accordingly. It worked great for about 30 seconds and 5 position changes, then all the lights on the board turned off and I noticed the voltage regulator chip was very hot and smelled mildly of burning plastic. Even with the servo disconnected I haven't been able to get the board to stay powered on for more than 20 seconds or so since then.

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