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  • Hi! I need some tech support on this product! I had order one of this some time ago... After some time I get some problems with related with "low count events"(less than 10 counts per minute) I had contacted the support at that time and they said that my tube is ok! But after some time I left it off and now I turn it on and get even less counts! I had messured the H.V on the tube and discovered that the tube are getting around 1K.V (I messured directly with high impedance meter more than 100M input) Can I get a new tube? I need some assistence on this matter!

  • And I tryied for less than 1 + 1/2 hour :)

  • It's over :( Btw I think it needs some improvements for next year some times when you type a wrong word it computes and says for you to try again but it does not show that it's wrong! I'am happy with 100$ :) Much better than the past year only 30$...

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