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  • Product TOL-00084 | about 3 years ago

    How important do you think the 70W is regarding the warm up time? Im looking at a 45W aoyue and im wondering if i will be patient enough

  • Product TOL-00085 | about 3 years ago

    heres what i bought instead… aoyue 937+, still a digital, only 45w. half the price, in stock now, i used it several times already and it works great.

  • News - Happy Free Day | about 3 years ago

    agreed, those with double digit IQs would definitely appreciate this retarded sham.

  • News - Happy Free Day | about 3 years ago

    Do you understand the concept of wasting someones time? It appears you do not. If someone told you they were going to buy you lunch, and to meet you at X place you would go there assuming there would be some incentive. You arrive, twenty minutes later that friend texts you saying he decided to go somewhere else. According to you, youre out nothing. Youre a pushover

  • News - Happy Free Day | about 3 years ago

    awesome, thanks for the links. found what i was looking for elsewhere for even cheaper than sparkfun. order placed

  • News - Happy Free Day | about 3 years ago

    thanks for wasting my time assholes. next time do a lottery for who gets to actually access the quiz, its clear you dont know how to stress test anything and as a result youve wasted literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours of peoples time. for the people who say “its free money you cant complain” are you aware i wasted 2 hours and have nothing to show for it? by your logic i am actually owed money. i assure you, my time is not free. i was considering ordering some stuff from sparkfun due to semi decent prices, but your sheer incompetency over this event leads me to believe that would be foolish.

  • Tutorial - Number Systems | about 3 years ago

    haha, if theres a quiz question on this i fully expect all of the answers to be wrong since theres been so many errors pointed out

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