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  • Looks like a fun part. I've ordered a few, and am working on an Eagle Layout now.

    I think this part would be much improved if the switch pin connected to 'C' rather than Pin 5 when pressed. Many microcontrollers have built in pull-up resistor capability, but far fewer have built in pull down capability. For those micros, an external pull down resistor looks to be necessary.

  • The Microchip Field Rep tried valiantly to distract attention from the giant Atmel marketing truck, but was, in the end, unsuccessful.

  • Good article. Ohming out and using a current limited supply are vital. One note about Ohming Out: Your meter uses an internal voltage source to generate the current used to measure your circuit's resistance. Therefore there is a voltage across the probes. For this reason, I only use DMM's that run on two AA or AAA batteries, not a 9-Volt. That way I know that the voltage I provide when ohming out won't exceed the specs for any of the parts I'm using. A 9-Volt powered one may.

  • Hey you kids! Speed it up! We need enough Danger Boards manufactured by February 4th to supply a whole class!

  • "I mean, we appreciate the sales trip you made. But seriously. Nobody here has ordered a Gateway since like 1999. These kind of publicity stunts won't help until you make your products competitive again."

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