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  • It won’t sadly. CAN is running at 5V. You would need a level shifter between the shield and the arduino due to turn those 5V signals into 3V3 signals. I might not be seeing all the possibilities here, and I’ve got a mind to believe it will kinda work if you just remove the 5V Vcc and put it to 3v3 instead. We’ll find out when I try it!

  • Anyone know what regulator is on the board, or at least its input voltage range. I’d like to stack this with the CAN shield and power it off the car’s 12-14V. I powered it with 15V on my bench, and it got very warm in just a moment, so we can pretty much rule out it being powered off the vehicle battery. I guess I could pop the regulator off and run 3.3V from the arduino due’s regulator, which is supposed to be happy up to 12V (and probably OK higher). It did not get warm with 15V input (at least not appreciably).

  • The real problem here is that we have no information about the intensity. It’s a little late, but hopefully you didn’t give yourself cataracts!