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  • Who has this bot? What do you think. I just built a self balancing one from a kit and have it 90% stable but it needs a lot of work.

    Lets here your comments about the MiP.


  • It is late and I am very tired. If this is obvious I'm not getting it. For the life of me I can't decipher the pin out to sd card / spi on the breakout. From the upper left (card goes in in the right) they are labeled


    I want to hook this up to a spi bus device (mbed) and I get the VCC, GND, CLK but which ones are:

    SPI mosi SPI miso CS

  • I have the same question

  • It is so nice to hear about a company operating in a common sense and generous manner. Well Done!

  • So this is pair programming!

  • I'm wondering if anyone has and knowledge of the light ramp and decay times. So when we apply a specific current, how long does it take for the light output to reach maximum? And then when the current is removed, how long for it to fall off?

  • Not directly. You will need to use a switching power transistor that can handle at least one amp. The arduinos handle like 40ma per I/O pin (for the uno at least). I'm not an expert in this so please consult others. But using a mosfet transistor is the way to go. Then you use the arduino to turn the led on and off through the switching transistor. This may help.

  • I bought one for my daughters and I for Christmas. Unfortunately, my wife thinks we need to wait till Christmas to start assembling it. So we will. I'm excited and my daughters will be when they find out.

  • I'm thinbking about power consumption. So if I put say 10 of these together that gives me 10x80 LEDs possible. If I turn on all 80 LEDs are they really all on at the same time? How do I manage power consumption? Sorry I'm pretty new to all of this.

  • Okay guys, can we stop this moldable plastic experiment now?

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