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  • Looks like this may be a re-badged or a copy of an Omron encoder. Here is the data sheet for the Omron encoder with the same part number and specs. http://www.ia.omron.com/data_pdf/data_sheet/e6b2-c_dsheet_csm491.pdf

  • I was hoping to use this for a balloon project so I emailed the manufacturer to check on how the unit handled exceeding the altitude and speed limits. As per the manufacturers reply, the GP-635T uses “OR” logic. If greater than “50,000m” OR “1852km/hr”, the GPS will shutdown. I've emailed them back to see if it will automatically recover once it drops back below 50km.

  • I contacted the manufacturer to see if this would work for a high altitude balloon and it appears that it will not. According to their tech support the UP501 uses OR logic to perform the cutoff. If the GPS exceeds either the 60000ft altitude or the 1000knot speed limit, it will shutdown.

  • please delete - double post

  • After several days of trying to get this thing to work using SPI on my GHI FEZ board (.NET Arduino clone) I was about ready to give up and just throw the board in my junk box. The I ran across the comment by "Member #226770" discussing using the i2c interface. So with nothing to lose I hacked my board to use I2C and bingo it worked. So much easier than SPI.

    The mods are slightly different than the ones posted earlier in that I still use the Ardiuno style host board and not a proto-board.

    My mods can be found HERE I will be posting C# code for the NETMF boards as soon as I get it cleaned up a bit.