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  • Great write up! Do you think a non-tube amp can sound as good as this? Maybe that is a good challenge for you…

  • I’m fine with the lack of eye safety, but I’m offended by the use of ‘jipped’!!

    It is ‘gypped’; learn to spell!

  • Bandwidth costs near zero

    Then you should start an ISP and show Comcast how it is done!

  • Everyone clamoring for government involvement is setting themselves up for disaster. Once the FCC decides (or any other alphabet agency) they can regulate something, they will never relinquish control. More restriction, more fees, and more intrusion is all that will come.

    Every proposal has included a “No restriction for legal content” clause, thus stating the opposite can be done. Who gets to decide what is legal? Will they require every packet to be inspected to insure it is ‘legal content’?

    The statement that all packets are equal on today’s internet is an out-and-out lie. There is an incredibly complex interconnecting system that gets a packet from your computer to the server you are connecting to, and depending upon the routes that are available through your ISP, packets may go faster or slower. While connecting to one server, you might be on a near direct path because your ISP has good agreements with the certain back bone and higher tier providers. Then to the next server, you may have to go through more interconnects, maybe even hit a switch that is near capacity, and your speeds will be slower. These connections cost money, these agreements take employees to arrange, and the cable in the ground wasn’t free.

    In the end, we will get charged by the MB like on cell phone data, because you want it to be ‘fair’ and ‘regulated like a utility’. All-you-can-eat is doomed.

  • I feel like Google has the reCaptcha knob between “Unreadable” and “OCR can crack it” turned a little too far towards “Unreadable”. More than 25% I just give up and hit enter with crossed fingers. It is a very cool system Spark Fun has set up, no one can complain about the randomness / cheaters!

  • I use this for LiPo balance connectors and servo connectors all the time. I am the go-to guy at the RC track it seems like :D. At work I also use the Molex crimper that you linked to. I would have to say the fit and quality of the PA-09 (this one at SparkFun) is better. With the Molex we had to grind the top side down because it was too thick and you couldn’t get a separate crimp on the insulation tabs and the contact tabs. Here is the link to the manufacture’s site for detailed specs http://www.engineer.jp/en/products/pa09e.html

  • It would be kind of cool to take $5,000 of the give away money and pay someone like SquareSpace (with their fancy load sharing tech) to host the site for the day.
    In the end it is all just free money, so I ain’t complaining!

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