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  • If you are into this stuff, make sure to check out Flite Test on YouTube!

  • https://hamexam.org/exam/15-Technician take a test exam! Use that site to learn the test, it is EZ

  • Maybe it is a reflection of myself, but I always felt that Maker Media always had too much of a focus on FLASH. I hate to imagine how many hours each magazine took to polish. Their events were chocked full of self promotion and opulent signage. The YouTube content has extremely high production. Some would argue that without the flash, it would have been even worse I guess. But this is the maker community, we are fine with napkin schematics and videos shot on cell phones. Always struck me as 'Silicon Valley Slick' like the trust fund kids at Burning Man. They helped create and cultivate the Maker Movement, a large majority of which includes doing things for cheap or free, and then still tried to monetize it. The amount of free labor they get out of volunteers during their paid admission for-profit events was crazy too. Just never seem to fit to me.

  • Excellent observation. At first I was 'meh' because there are plenty of other meetups to attend MRRF, HaD SuperCon, and local art fairs, but Maker Faires were unique in their broadness.

  • Yep, the "Maker Community" was almost too good at marketing. Kind of their own worst enemy.

  • What kind of monster uses a combination of a red thing, a yellow thing, and a green thing, THEN DOSN'T PUT THEM IN ORDER?!!? AAARRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

  • Glad you aren't completely gone, Shawn!

  • I forgot to mention in my previous comments that with the example you posted there are incorrect numbers in the Tariff Code (HTSUS Subheading) column.

  • No need to worry about hobbyists. These tariffs only effect imports on individual components and on large shipments (usually over $800). Since places like SparkFun already have a 20x to 100x markup on these small components, hopefully they can eat the .25x increase on these parts. Again:

    Small components from China to large customers = TARIFF

    Small components from Taiwan, Malaysia, India, etc etc to large customers = no tariff

    Small components from anywhere to small customers = no tariff

    Completed boards to customers large and small = no tariff

  • I just told you about my business where I am in the drivers seat and supplied actual numbers backed by research. If this is just another online space to yell into the wind, by all means, carry on.

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