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  • So my big question is what you will end up doing with your bins. This was a huge problem at my old workplace. Things that were still useful just got tossed in bins, and no one wanted to sort through them (it was a very small company). I was probably more guilty than anyone else, but we never found a good solution to that. We also had sorted bins, but there were a couple floating around that just had the misc remains of a finished project, or unfinish project, or various things that were on the workbench and needed to disappear.

  • A small device that will emit a short beep every 10-30 minutes (preferably at random), to be hidden in a coworker’s desk.

  • “No Fair! I thought we said no telekinesis”

  • We are not danger to ourselves or the community. This is our promise to you.

  • Why just one idea, create a flex-circuit line for wear-able circuits (Or at least something that could be sewn into or onto clothing without being so obvious.), Similar to grove line. Stuff like the 9-DOF Chip and a GPS unit, and other various sensors to start slimming and making easily-wearable circuits for augmented reality purposes.

  • Besides footprint, how is this different than the Hakko FX888 that you sell? From what it seems, they are both based off the same design.

  • What is the voltage rating on the jacketing?

  • Dear Sparkfun,

    Please label your graphs. You made the engineer in me cringe.

    Sincerely, A Concerned Customer

  • Upon seeing the terrible face of the robot god upon its glowing altar of LEDs and stainless steel, the XRS-500 is driven mad and flees in terror. Bystanders could hear it screaming “Io! Io! Arduino Fhtagn!”

  • What about including wireless communication next? You might be able to do something with Bluetooth to “simplify” the physical side of communication.

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