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  • Still not quite there but here's this:

  • Anyone got a good idea how to make my own lens for this small little thing? a lens that could get rough focus about 10-20cm away?

  • So after lots of messing around, i got the first steps to it working going on! Based off this:

    I modded an arduino sketch and a processing sketch to read the image, and display the image in processing:

    Go into the examples folder and look for ADNScamera for the arduino, and the readmouseimage sketch for the corresponding one.

    Things are STILL way hacky. The guy from has a nice pinlayout and schematic, but I didn't have an oscillator, so I just put at jumper wire between the osc in and out. I'm sure this is bad, but it actually functions and responds! I also don't have a lens for it.

  • Howdy all! Ant scientist working in a jungle in Panama here! I bought a bunch of these right before I came down to panama (haven't even opened them yet, still getting lab setup). I was hoping they could solve an ant-traffic monitoring problem I will be working on for the next few months. I basically need a really cheap device that I can point at part of a tree, and have it tell me whether or not an ant is walking by. Here's a bigger description of the problem (with pictures!) (Main Pic

    I have a couple different ways I was going to attack this problem, but having a basic optical flow detector (that's super cheap) could really be helpful!

    This all might not be as easy, or feasible as I think I understand though. As Razorboy notes, I might need to "source a resonator, an LED of the correct color/intensity, and a focusing lens." Hope not! but will see what I can do! So i wasjust seeing if there are some things i should be aware of before I start attacking this problem with this tool!

  • I am thinking about using this to make a like seven or 14 segment display underneath thermochromic fabric. I tested it with the whole pad, and it works very responsively and well. But for money and size reasons, i want to chop apart one of these heating pads into about 7 pieces about 1 cm wide.

    I'll then just solder new leads on the ends of the nichrome on each piece (isn't there something tricky about soldering to that though?) Then the resistence of each piece will be about 1/7th of the overall thing right? So then I would need to drop my (currently 12 v i am feeding it) to 12/7 V? Or else it will just get super hot /and or suck down too much juice? Finally I will try to seal up the edges of the plastic with some tape or something?

    Let me know the holes in my logic please!

  • Can you please share a code snippet of how you guys positioned the knobs? PID? direct?

  • Yes this would be the best, I am trying to make an XY plotter, which would be a lot like what you have, but using a PID controller, and things are weird. Not as nice and smooth as you have.


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