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  • The voltage range on the A/D is the same as the input voltage of the board, so 0-5V for 5V boards and 0-3.3V for 3.3V boards. If you want to get advanced about it I think you could lower that range by feeding the AREF pin a different voltage, but if you need to do high end A/D then you'd be better off just hooking up an SPI A/D chip with better range or resolution.

    That sensor should work fine as long as 10 bits (minus noise) is good enough. 700/1024=0.68, so the best resolution you will get is 0.68 kPa. Without oversampling and averaging the best you can really expect is 8-9 bits.

  • I tried this because of this comment and it did not go well. The PCB that the switches are mounted on has really thorough vias that hold a lot of solder, and the solder they used melts to a paste that doesn't want to be removed. There's also solder on the top and the bottom of the board.