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  • Product PRT-08249 | last year

    Really? That’s disappointing. Can anyone confirm? Also, is it true this drains batteries fast even without a load?

  • Product PRT-10620 | about 2 years ago

    This seems like a really good deal. Why isn’t this more popular?

  • Product TOL-09141 | about 2 years ago

    Some of these cheap DMMs use the same chip as DMMs that support serial-out, so you can often hack your cheap DMM to provide serial-out (even though sometimes the serial data is just the state of the individual LCD elements! still useful.). Do you know what chip this DMM uses?

  • Product DEV-10812 | about 3 years ago

    This is awesome, but…
    I’m a little confused as to how this bundle saves anything. You can buy Labview student edition through Labview’s website for $20. An Arduino Uno costs $30 on SparkFun. $50 total, the same as the bundle you sell. So what is the advantage of ordering them together, other than supporting SparkFun (which is great) and maybe getting the physical Labview disk instead of just as a download?
    You should talk NI into getting you a little better deal.
    Also, are there any restrictions on software use? Is it okay if I’m only a part-time (non-degree) student? How well does this work for doing input and output with the same device at the same time? Does the Labview license ever expire?
    And Labview is great software… It’s easy to do acquisition and output, and I’ve used it for many different experiments. Now, with a cheap DAQ like Arduino, it’s even better. Can it do multiple Arduinos for input or output at once?

  • Product DEV-10275 | about 3 years ago

    So, this is basically exactly the same as this:
    …except it’s thinner?
    I ask because The regular FTDI Basic 5V is currently back-ordered. Is there really any reason I would pick FTDI Basic 5V over this one, other than cosmetics?

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