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  • It'd really be useful if all the Actobotics parts' models were available as a single download. Right now, I have to download each part's model separately, meaning I have to figure out which parts I need before I start the design process. That's backwards from my flow -- I'd much rather have a library of models I can pick from in Sketchup. When my model's done, I can generate a parts list based on what works.

    In any case, glad you're carrying these. I've used a few bits of it in some recent projects and liked it overall.

  • The example code has a wee bug in it. If you're trying to send pitch bend messages you get weird behavior. Pitch bend messages are 3-bytes long, but the talkMIDI() function only sends the third byte for messages where the command is less than or equal to 0xB0. Change the line:

    if( (cmd & 0xF0) <= 0xB0)


    if( (cmd & 0xF0) <= 0xB0 || (cmd & 0xF0) == 0xE0)

    and this should send pitch bend properly.

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