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  • I'm pretty bummed that I bought this product (along with the driver.) There is a well-known design flaw that causes the treads to slip off. Representatives from Dagu said there is a new design on the hubs but the model I received from Sparkfun had those hubs but the treads roll off no matter how I adjust the unit.

    Alternatives I've been looking at are from Tamiya, Pololu, Orion Robotics & Lynxmotion. I haven't purchased any of these yet so YMMV.

  • If I put 5v in RAW, the TX/RX lines aren't voltage regulated? I want to avoid buying more boards (ie logic levels) or having a separate 3v battery source.

  • Does the RX/tx operate at 3.3v? I.E. I wouldn't need a logic level to connect to something like a raspberry pi.