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Member Since: May 11, 2007

Country: United States

  • I'm surprised at the number of people complaining for not succeeding at their bid for the free $100. Then there is all that foul-crying chorus. Like everyone (of the 70,000 or so attempters) I figured to ready the cart before the contest would start. An hour before it started, it became obvious that this would be like a DDoS attack and the key would be retrying and I did, timing out regularly. This called for a new game plan: Wait for people to give up. Came back 1hr into the contest and started again. F5's and "resend" eventually got me through the stages until finally, at 1hr 21m, I saw the URL "free_day_success...".
    I was surprised as I am in Singapore, half-way round the world. As such, the claim that only those close to the servers succeeded doesn't hold water. Some of my friends tried to the very end, and failed, or gave up and went to sleep. We all had a good laugh though.
    I find it hard to understand the whining against SFE. They gave away $100k and no one forced us to sit and try for it. If we did, and failed - hey, it's the luck of the draw - someone had to fail with only 1,000 seats. Everyone put up with the same conditions, and as such it was fair. I guess in the end, the SFE community isn't as mature as I thought it would be. That immaturity, for me, was the lamest part of this whole thing.

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