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  • I'm not an Arduino guy, but I've done a lot with PICs and microSD cards...
    Check out the size of your SD card, along with the following comment from the example:
    "The library will only work on SD cards after they've been formatted to FAT16."
    If you're using anything above a 2GB SD card, you could have problems. Some 2GB cards don't fully meet the SD card specification for the low speed SPI interface. If you want to be really safe and eliminate the SD card itself as a problem source, try the board out with a 1GB or smaller card.
    Someone out on the web did some testing with microcontrollers, the low speed interface, and a half dozen or so 2GB cards from different vendors. He found roughly 80% worked via SPI (not really used in most current consumer SD products, as the proprietary protocol is faster). Google should be able to find it or an analogous comparison.

  • Yes. Take a look at the datasheet, page 10, and you'll see reset pulled to +5V in their "Typical Operating Circuit".
    FYI, the bar over the reset can be read as "NOT" reset. In other words, when the pin is high (+5V power being applied), you do not have the chip in reset, or in more straightforward terms, you want to use the chip. When this pin is pulled low (to zero), you are resetting the chip.
    What you're essentially doing per your description is power cycling the board repeatedly by pulling the pin high for short periods of time, which is why you're getting the sporadic operation.

  • Take a look at the schematic or the zoomed up image of the board itself. One is to the battery, the second is to your circuit that is powered by the battery/charger, and the third is for the 5V that powers the charger.
    My personal suggestion is that if you get this board, you also get some of the JST mating connectors at the same time. This chip will let the smoke out (with authority!) if you plug in your Lipo backwards. The extra header holes are a nice idea, but when adding your own connector, definitely make sure they are keyed.
    Not that I would do something so foolish...

  • Gents,
    The link embedded in "Find out how to wire it here!" is broken.

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