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  • News - October Caption Contest | about 6 months ago

    Can I tell you something…Rainbow Bright scares the magic blue smoke out of me. True story!

  • News - Fritzler Farms Haunted Ho… | about 6 months ago

    We are down in Charleston about ¼ mile from the capitol building. you can shoot me an email at

  • News - Fritzler Farms Haunted Ho… | about 7 months ago

    Very cool, thanks. Car amps that run off of 12v I assume since you said the entire room was low voltage? I recognize the little sound triggers hanging off of the amps, we have some of those same triggers. I love getting to see behind the curtains so to speak of other haunts to see how they configure things.

    What haunters really need, instead of these big trade shows are more maker like communities where we share ideas and how to information. Open source haunting would only make the industry better. Keep every one thinking and improving on each other’s designs and ideas.

  • News - Fritzler Farms Haunted Ho… | about 7 months ago

    I work with a haunt in WV and we have started to get into doing some of our own stuff similar to what are doing with Sparkfun electronics. I think this is great, most haunt stuff is just way too expensive. We are going to focus this year in the off season on building some of our own animatronics using Sparkfun gear. I mostly work with our sound and was really interested in your sound set up that they showed in the video above. I was wondering about what you where using. There are about a dozen little black boxes on the wall that look like they might be amps that I wanted to ask what they where.

  • News - According to Pete - July … | about 2 years ago

    So this was a great lesson. How about for your next project you build on the inductor a bit and we build an inductive charging station for a robot ;)

  • News - March Caption Contest | about 2 years ago

    Great the last part for my bone-duino bone despencer just came in. I would finish it up my self but it is hard to solder with out THUMBS!

  • News - Three Days of Simon | about 2 years ago

    Great thanks. I have a standing experiment day once a week with my 6yr old and as much fun as it is there are only so many times you can make soda rocket or do the mentos thing so thanks for the idea.

  • News - Three Days of Simon | about 2 years ago

    So what is the youngest you guys have come to the soldering classes? I am tinking about geting into this with my son who is turning 6. I wish we could come to a class but driving from WV would just take too long. I video tutorial would be really cool though…

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