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  • ^ This
    One of the best things (IMO) you could do for your children is cancel your cable connection and get rid of your television. (Keep the Internet).
    I got rid of mine roughly 12 years ago. Once you're on the outside looking in, you can't help but notice how much it invades our everyday life, and how very little substance it really contributes.

  • This kind of Wiegand Generator?
    Answered my own question, yup.

  • It seems they will be discontinuing the XR-2206.
    And the MAX038 was discontinued in 2006.
    DDS seems complicated.
    What's a person to do?

  • Please update the driver package that is downloaded from this site. Having to mess around renaming .dll files ain't SparkFun.. It's SparkFrustrating. :-O

  • I like very much that it creates continuity with the OpenSource Logo.
    I could envision an overlay that would indicate Open Hardware & Software

  • Same here. I was wondering if It was only me. I tuned off my Adblock Plus. But that wasn't it.
    Where did all the pictures go?

  • Are these ESD smocks? That'd be cool! I could wear it to work!
    edit: Why do I post.... then read the comments.
    Get ESD ones. No Brainer. I wonder why you got non-ESD ones in the first place

  • Well I managed to submit 1 answer in 2 hours of trying... Yikes. I'd have been better off washing windshields on the corner. But, Thanks! I'll use it :D

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