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  • I have some python code for calculating the optimal combination based on a given set of resistor values up in a bitbucket repo

    I’m porting this over to a hadoop job at some point - I’d like to find the best combination for the E12 series, as those are easiest to find.

    So far, with 46 digital levels, the best E12 series I’ve found is: [1000, 1200, 10000, 1500, 4700, 8200, 1800, 2200]

    You can see this in circuitlab

  • heh, I have cluster power, hence why I was interested. Essentially then you are just brute force checking all possible combinations? There has to be a faster way of doing this.

  • Can you share the exact method you’re using for the calculations? It’d be nice to find the best combinations based on a given set of resistors…

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