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  • I agree with SuCom, there isn't anything here in SC that I can find. Sure, there's plenty of stores like the R/C and Model Railroading, but Radio Shack seems to be the only place I can pick up a few parts. The only other time I can get something interesting is if this Electrical Engineer I know has some samples that didn't make it into the product they are designing...

  • Wow, kinda ironic. I came over here today to look at parts, thinking about building my own quadcopter, and I find a post on one! haha.

  • I remember when that happened. Still wish you could sell some! Hmm, could this be the start of Ninjadunios? Haha.

  • This was great! I had an account from a year and a half ago, but email changes meant I had to create a new one.
    I remember last year though, the site crashed horribly. The speed improvements are what was amazing - I waited until today before creating a new account to try getting into my old account - ended up creating a new account and taking half the quiz during free day! Hope you do it next year and thanks!
    On a side note: When you did the site upgrade last November, you mentioned easter eggs. I think I found one: After free day was over, I clicked on the top pic that said free day. I got: 404 error. I refreshed the page again, and noticed the 404 Error title changed from : Four-oh-Four to We had extra butter. It says other things too. Cool! B-)