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  • I have a feeling that the noise is coming from the fact that he is using stepper motors. If you were to use a regular motor and just vary the current to it you could achieve the same effects, although not as controllably.

  • Am I the only one who wants to buy one of these, take it apart, and re assemble it in the shape of a sonic screwdriver?

    Probably not.

  • OMG I really need that!!

  • Nice! and to think I just paid 55$ for a fountain to solve the same problem.

  • Will you guy ever be offering the port-a-rotary as a kit for retrofitting your own phone? or at least a parts list with a howto? (you may have that already I have not looked that much)
    Oh, and how hard would it be to make this out of an old phone that has a keypad?

  • I am assuming so you can have multiple triggers for snapping a picture. I want to make one with a capacative touch sensor on my garage door, a simple switch actuator on the inside lever (for when someone tries to lift it from the outside) and my favorite, and anti-graffiti spray paint can rattle detector (I am still trying to figure out how to do that on)

  • I live how they said "Please don't implant this thing into yourselves" yet that is all people are talking about!!

  • I know it states that it is factory calibrated, can it be re-calibrated for a wider temp range with a lower resolution?

  • HAHA that was my first thought too!! I want to hook it onto my computer chair (or toilet) and and air freshener so it will freshen the room when the time comes.

  • The distance it can detect the gas at is not easy to determine, it has a range of 200 to 10000ppm. It depends of a few variables, I.E. Gas source, leakage rate, room size, air currents, and sensor placement, not the sensor itself as the gas has to accumulate to above 200ppm and physically reach the sensor.
    As for the lifetime I do not know.

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