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Dylan Moore

Member Since: January 13, 2011

Country: United States

  • Any clue as to why this guy was retired? Not only did I get one working straight out of the red box, but it's been a champ. I came back for more, but alas, it looks like it's collecting social security and living in Florida.

    The rest of the IMU's / 6 DOF's look like they have some bogus proprietary library nonsense, are a bit pricy, and no one in the comments seems particularly happy with the parts. Any recommendations?

  • That's really cool. I'll take a slightly larger footprint as a trade for good automated QA inspection.

  • Anyone figure out a good way to keep the pack running, short of keeping the button pressed down? When my lilypad restarts, my LEDs go off for a few seconds... aaaand the pack kicks off.

  • If you change "receive" to "read" in each of the cases that you see an error, your code should compile again just fine.

  • INT usually means an interrupt, in the case of a special feature on the chip. You can get the I2C to work without hooking up the INT pin.

  • How did it turn out? Thinking of grabbing two of these for Burning Man. Obviously I'll have lots of sunlight through the day, and can power my lilypads at night.

  • ...Amazing follow up. ( ;

  • Howdy kiddos, I'm looking into making something that can ballpark the amount of detected radiation. I've done a bit of reading, and at the very end (of course), I discovered this great Q&A. I wanted to share this, and then see if anyone else has had luck with calculating the efficiency factor and geometries for their detectors? http://hps.org/publicinformation/ate/q1509.html

    (This Q&A discusses converting CPM into DPS, and then to Curies. Cool!)

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