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  • And not even a small sample of the sound you got from your setup? =(

  • Look at the price of the WiFly module alone, then subtract it's price from the price of this shield, that's what he's talking about.

  • I'm having a problem with this lcd, I can'd print custom caracters, I tried the code that this site gives you when you create a custom char, tried some other examples, but nothing, I always get just two vertical bars on the second and fourth columns.
    Is it a compatibility issue with this controller (it's a SPLC780D, not a HD44780 as said in the description).
    BTW, it can display normal characters just fine.

  • "If you just want to use the 5V square wave output though, you could probably cheat and use a 9V wall adapter;"
    If you just want a square wave you can have it using a 555 and a few components for a fraction of the cost of this kit.
    And you can also output pwm with it.

  • If you had searched the arduino website you would've found this:

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