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  • Some things I noticed, and aggregated improvements from other comments for a future revision:
    1) Use a “D” punch to keep the terminals from rotating, and to keep the wire holes accessible. I had to fiddle with them to straighten all the posts to do this.
    2) Consider increasing the standoff to keep posts from interfering or shorting to a conductive surface (if mounting on PSU) and so the entire post is available (if using the box). One way to do this for the box without modifying the PCB layout is to mount the connector and fuse clips on the “bottom” of the board and include longer standoff posts. This should bring the posts up enough to access the wire holes I think. These look like through-hole plated so I think this would be possible, but please correct me if I’m wrong.
    3) Include enough fuses! I bought three kits that only had two in each.
    4) Make a help page to aid users in determining if their old PSU is compatible with this kit (types of connectors, figuring out if it needs a load, etc.)
    5) Space the +/- posts 0.75" apart for the standard “double” banana plugs
    6) Minor: include some red and black wire in case someone doesn’t have it on hand