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  • Anyone know a good charger for this? I would love to buy a few of them but i need a charger before i do.

  • hehe... lead to believe

  • The Maker Faire Infirmary.

  • "Welcome to our friday new product post, we have no new products this week so I brought a bird."

  • Posts picture to instagram Selfies at Sparkfun #hats #picknplace #RTFMisOverated #ImSexyAndYouKnowIt

  • Its okay im a stunt ACTOr

  • Swivels around in chair and says: "I've been expecting you, before I introduce myself I must warn you my mind is rather bright and colorful"

  • Never leave a pin not connected (even if it's not connected internally to the IC) connect it to ground. Thats like if I told you to do pushups without using one arm.

  • Are you guys going to Maker Faire NYC this weekend? if you are, will you have a booth? My friends and I really Hope to see you there!

  • One time I had to fix my aunt's charger for her GPS. Which I figured, like in most cases it was a bad connection somewhere inside the wire and when I checked everything was fine. So I open up the end of the charger (It was a car charger by the way) and i see the two power lines and a near by resistor. I looked at the whole board checked a few connections and everything was okay. There was absolutely no reason that It shouldn't have been working. then I looked at the power lines again and I noticed this little tiny white wire coming out and poking at this resistor. My first instinct was that it should have been connected to it but when it was connected to that resistor, it didn't work. I have no idea what this wire was doing there so I cut it and tapped the end with some hot glue. I mean when I found it I was thinking AHA but I just couldn't figure out its business there.

    Between that and when I figured out how Op Amps actually work and what they actually do and how to make a synthesizer with them. I blow my own freakin' mind. It was always something I needed to know but could never quite figure out no matter what I googled or who I asked. Then after compiling a bunch of information and playing with them more I understood! and now I will never forget.

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