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  • Alternate idea: Since the seeds aren’t round and don’t fire consistently, use small gumballs, RedHots or malted milk balls. Then your MP3 would say (in a Jack Nicholson impression), “You want candy, kid? I’ve got CANDY!” and fire a few treats at them.

  • Running out of time? Just add a voice track that says, “I don’t feel so good…” and “BLEARRGGHH!” Then the pumpkin spits out a bunch of seeds.


  • Nooooo! It dropped my latte!

  • The Airplane Whisperer tries to convince “Hot Rod” to fly to the local drive-through, and come back with a burger and fries.

  • Only a Sparkfun customer would say, “I hope I got one of the defective ones!” :)

  • It sounds similar to the websites where you post a project description for, say, a logo for your company - and then graphic artists contact you and link you to their portfolio and rates. You pick one and work with them to get the final project.

    There would be two types of users: Builders/engineers who are interested in building these types of projects, and clients, who need the project built. The builders register and set up a profile, with their areas of expertise and a “portfolio” of completed projects. The clients register and post a description of the project, with as much detail as they can manage, and the budget. Then builders can look over the projects and contact clients to start discussion of the project. It’s not a forum, there is no public discussion of the projects.

    The other issue is money - the graphic design sites that do this (,, etc) all take a cut of the payment to keep the site going. And setting this up would take some time and expertise, not to mention promoting it to all interested parties.

  • Nate, David: Hidden code received. Will be there with lots of uncooked tofu. Please try to hold out until we find you.

  • I’ve never seen Drunk Kitchen before. Oh wow.

    Whatever you guys do, don’t bring us “Drunk Soldering.”

  • OK, here’s the obvious comment on the video, made by my inner 8-year-old boy…

    Have you ever done it with FULL cans of soda? Heh heh heh.

  • There was an interesting documentary about the area on PBS’s Nature a couple of years ago, dealing with how wildlife was doing in the Chernobyl region. There is a lot of footage of what the place looks like now.

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