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  • Thanks! There is verbiage in the description of the micro LEDs that lead me to believe there is some setup on the Lilypad Main that would prevent burning out the micros, but maybe that doesn't apply to multiple LEDs / pin.

    Hmm. Well my plan is to have a chaser pattern run through the I/O pins in sequence (and thus each 'column' simultaneously) such that at any given moment, the most amt of LEDs that'd be lit would be 12 (4 per column). That should keep me below the processor current limit too.

    In any case, I'll go with the LEDs that you linked. Thanks again!

  • I'm new to electronics, but if I read the specs correctly, each LED draws 20mA, right? What I want to know is how many of these LEDs I could power properly from one digital I/O pin on a Lilypad Main. My goal is to have 36 LEDs total, connected in groups of 3's per I/O pin.

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