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  • By default it reconnects to the last AP you were connected to on power-up. That's why in the examples one of the setup lines is wifi.disconnect();

  • I've got a few of these now and love them. Watch the DTR line if you're programming and want to use Serial for debug.
    I've not been able to connect one acting as a client to another acting as an AP/server. Is there a limitation that prevents this? Has anyone done it?

  • I just logged on to post that comment! You scooped me! An adaptation of the game centipede would be cool.

  • In the features list is says "servo motors". Are these servos or DC motors? If they are servos then the motor driver shield in related products does not apply...right?

  • One of the most fun project videos I've seen. Awesome!

  • I liked this sensor for an environmental logging application I was working on. The amount of information and precision for the price can't be beat. I have found however that the time it takes to acclimate to a large temperature change (going from 75F to 45F) is slow. It took ~20min to settle when polling once a second and logging once a minute.

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