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  • I'm having some issues with mine. When I turn it on, i can see the 1's and 0's and the green LED flashes. Then after a good 30 seconds it stops working. No LED flashes. I then try to turn the tube on and off, a bunch of time, it doesn't work.

    Any ideas how to get it working consistently?

  • Nice to see the Pi is finally getting attention here. I got mine months ago and I totally love it!

    One thing about it, though, is that the SD card sticks out. This bothered me a lot for a while, since it was very awkward fitting it into my projects. I bought two of these, they work perfect!


  • I agree! I won, which makes me happy. It took me 4 hours and hundreds of captchas. I told myself to stop, but the idea of wining didn't let me.

    If they do something like this next year, i vow to just to spend the time in developing a way to break these captchas...it's probably better investment of my 4 hours.

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