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  • On the subject of component kits: I wish there were more readily accessible for SMDs. Ordering 10-25 tiny capacitors of various values (e.g. common 100nF, 10µF) is surprisingly expensive compared to the per-unit price off of a reel :)

    Rob: Good luck with your future endeavors, looking forward to the occasional cameo!

  • Very nicely done! :)

  • 'fraid not. Note that this component is no longer part of SparkFun's catalog either :) You'll probably want something like a solid state relay such as an SCR/thyristor, triac, or more dedicated component. There's some good comments in the comments tab for the Solid State Relay - 8A that you may wish to read first as they may cover further questions/concerns you might have :)

  • Can confirm - found :)

  • Whoops. Looks like an issue between multi-page and single page viewing; works okay in single page. For multi-page, for now, that link should have been: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/capacitors/application-examples#decoupling

  • Internet murmurs are that EasyScope released for one OEM brand works for another. Might be worth a shot.
    Manufacturer: http://www.siglent.com/ENs/gjjrj.aspx?id=14
    LeCroy: http://teledynelecroy.com/support/softwaredownload/easyscope.aspx

  • Yep - they're essentially the same thing ( 10k Ohm, linear taper ), just a different form of actuation (linear motion vs rotational motion). Your application may matter, however - a slide pot only goes from minimum to maximum as it physically just ends at those two extremes. A rotational pot can sometimes continue to be turned so that it goes from maximum to minimum (or the other way around) instantly. This particular model has a slight detent to prevent that from happening easily, but if I recall correctly you could accidentally force it past that.

  • Problem is, which parts are you dimensioning? If you just want to know the dimensions of an enclosing box: 26.7 x 26.1 x 10.5mm. Anything beyond that - e.g. if you need it to form-fit into another device - and you'd probably be best off loading the MicroView STL files into a cad program and measure the parts of importance to you, as it's not a regular shape.

  • Doesn't look like SFE carries just the connectors, but they do have ones pre-assembled with wires. Try a search for "jst sh"

    Digikey and the like would have loose connectors.

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