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  • Why not make a small bushing to center it? Might be able to find something at a good r/c hobby shop/ model building.

  • Ok I'm glad I won. I'm glad it wasn't a quiz just because I'm a novice without certain knowledge and without a lot of cash to spend at this moment. But I want to get started in electronics. Those cap things do suck especially on a tablet. I do have to say I was extremely lucky as it started at my lunch break and I won at the end of my lunch break. My hands do hurt a bit right now but my job even aggravates them sometimes. Congratulations to the other winners but to the whiners out there especially the ones that took the day off work to try to win. If I was going to loose more then $100 bucks in pay for the chance to win. I wouldn't have taken off. Heck I'm coughing and stuffed up with a annoying head cold and I still went in even though I'd never loose pay if I didn't. I'm grateful for the contest. I didn't expect to win. I wasn't going to spend my day trying. I lucked out. Someone posted the odds as 1:5000 or something like that. That's better then most lotteries.
    Personally how a contest is run doesn't affect my opinion of how a business is run or whether or not they will win my business. I judge that simply by how they act when I want to buy something from them, how is the selection, prices, availability and especially product description. If someone else has a better description of the same or similar product for a comparable price, after I weigh other pros and cons I will go with the one who meets the most criteria. I might even spread the order out over two or more companies do to what my needs are. At least it wasn't where you had to eat a bunch of fast food for hopes of getting a couple of little game pieces on a board. I'd love to win $1,000,000 doing that but I'd rather eat healthier and tastier food. If you have a problem putting in captchas then don't. Is there a better way to run a contest probably. Does it reflect on their business practices not really. If you want to complain about the captcha weird characters tell google to proof read their stuff better. If you wish to complain why slam Sparkfun about their business and just stick to what you disliked about the contest format and do it professionally and or at least politely. If you have a customer service complaint shouldn't you be contacting the company or voicing it in their forums? This could be a good way to get new customers maybe a poor execution of it but a good way. There might be someone out there who wants to try a new ardunio, stamp or picaxe but didn't want to drop the money out of their pocket. Given a chance to win those people might try, win, get said product and enjoy it thus returning for more.

    Thank you Spark fun for having this contest. I hope your server test went well. It seemed to be working well for the first hour or so of the contest when I was on. Yes I would be thankful even if I didn't win. I've been thankful for a lot of things in my life when I didn't have anything much to show for it. Just the chance to win is wonderful. At least this one versus another contest that happens every time the video airs I had an equal chance to win. The other one usually involves a quiz and I'm not knowledgeable enough to know half the answers. Sorry for being long winded. It probably took me as long to write it as you read it. I am trying to think before I type. Rich

  • That's funny because my Safari works but I have 10.6.8 though. On the flip side Chrome gave me the same error. Go figure that out.


  • Sweet it will start right around my lunch break at work. Unless I end up heading home early which would be even better. I'm actually sick right now and they might send me home tomorrow.

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