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  • True - but, how is your Pi going to talk to the Alamode? Bit-banging serial? Well, now you have to define and implement a serial command system in two languages. Doable, but a major headache if you just want to send "pin on; pin off" messages based on network or web events.

    How is your Pi going to get on your wifi network? Setting up a Pi requires an S-video or HDMI display, a keyboard, and editing etc/network/interfaces.

    Yun's Bridge and Console libraries - the first exposes a key/value database in both the Linux and Arduino spaces, and the second provides Telnet access to the 32u4's Serial interface - are well worth the price, imo. The astonishingly easy network setup is just the icing on the sweet, sweet cake. All in a standard Arduino footprint. I don't think I'll ever bother with Pi + Arduino again, Yun just makes it so easy. I'd rather spend the $20 than lose the weekend.

  • How many of these can you daisy-chain on the same bus, assuming you can supply sufficient power?

  • I've been toying with the idea of a POV globe, and I think flexible circuits are the way to go: a hoop of individual RGB LEDs, like on some of the LED strips you guys sell, but more LEDs per inch, then the whole thing spins on a rotor. Put the microcontroller on the rotor and then you only need two commutators for power and ground. But, maybe you want to keep your fingers out of it...

  • How do you start using FPGA's? I'm super-interested, I even Kickstarted the Mojo, but I'm really finding a paucity of tutorials and code examples.