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  • I ordered this product a few days ago and I just realized this isn't compatible with my Arduino Due because of the spacing between the headers. My plan is to make it a shield anyways and wire it seperate from my Due, which pins do I need to use at a minimum to get this working (I have an external 12v inverter)?

    Edit: I have realized I am an idiot. I looked at a pinout on my Due and realized the reason why it wasn't fitting is because I wasn't connecting the shield to the right place >.

  • You may want a microcontroller to interpret the data that comes in from this module. That way you can say "Yes, this is a valid tag" rather than accepting any tag (that would be a big no-no). Also with a microcontroller you could get a stepper motor connected to it and control everything from there.

  • I'm going to be working on a school project using a similar setup to what your document describes. If you wouldn't mind, could you add an email to the end of the document that I can contact you at if I have questions?

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