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  • No joy! Tried on XP & 7 too.

  • USB, through the IDE.

  • Yes, I have the correct board selected and the add-on dated 19-06-2012.

  • I'm unable to upload the Blink example and always stuck with the following sequence:

    avrdude: Send: S [53] avrdude: Recv:

    avrdude: Recv: avrdude: Send: V [56]

    Is this have to do with the bootloader version incompatibility with the add-on? I'm having a board with a marking of Batch #19030.

  • I don't think you can get that far by using only 130 mA during TX.

  • Pin A6 & A7 are pure analog input pins.

  • Take a look at the thermal characteristic for that SOT23-5 package. You would need to drop from 14.5V to 3.3V and depending on your current, it is not advisable to do that.

  • Micro USB has higher insertion rate compared to Mini USB. I'm sure the reason not going for those with a restrain would be the need of slots hole as the the restrain usually are longish metal instead of round. Slots hole are more expensive to make!

  • Way better than the previous version but it could have been better if relay are rotated 180 degree, bigger terminal block (use barrier type) as the 5mm terminal is rated 8A only, 2Oz copper PCB, and some vias connecting the top & bottom copper pour.

  • The board can be improved by changing the orientation of the relay. The wider section (where the JOX-15F sits) should be facing the high voltage terminal block. Then, the low voltage lines won't be going in between the high voltage track. Even better if the copper thickness is increase to 2 Oz. That tiny blue terminal block definitely needs to be changed to something larger and robust.

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