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  • I’ve realized a small ATtiny85 development, you can find here the electronic scheme: http://www.paratte.ch/Jean-Marc/tiny85_variometer/tiny85_variometer_develop_1.pdf
    It’s a variometer/altimeter built with a BMP085 Breakout and audio bips are sent via a NS73M Breakout.
    All ICs/Breakouts are linked via I2C. Note that the BMP085 Breakout includes 4k7 pull-up on SCL & SDA lines.
    This circuit works well but with 2 observations:
    1/ SCL line must have a fast rise-up time else the NS73M can’t initialize. I’ve observed that my development ISP cable & custom electronics are too capacitive. I’ve added another 1k5 pull-up on SCL line to solve the problem.
    2/ Because it’s a variometer, the BMP085 is permanently asked via I2C bus. And we heard I2C pulses on FM as a light white sound. I think I need to disconnect the NS73M from the I2C bus after initialization to clear the sound.

  • Hi Richard,
    Can you share your experience?
    My wish is to display values generated by a microcontroler on an android phone.

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