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  • Just the tip?

  • If we asked nicely, would there be a way to get longer lengths of this stuff? :]

  • Just to clarify, one can't really compare the raspberry pi and arduino due directly. They're designed for completely different tasks.

    The raspberry pi has far greater computing power, but lacks a real-time operating system and has few GPIO pins. It's suitable for running computing-intensive tasks like image processing and the like, but not for doing time- and position-sensitive tasks, like driving the head of a 3D printer.

    The arduino due, on the other hand, serves as a compliment. It has plenty of GPIO's, runs instructions in a set order, in a predictable time, but does not have as much processing power. This makes it excellent for the tasks where the raspberry pi would fail.

    On the topic of the durability of the arduino due, i feel like beginners should be given more credit. They're not stupid, and descriptions of the due make clear its limitations. Is it more fragile? Yes. But the increased capabilities are totally worth it.

  • Is it a bad thing if I buy these just for the resealable ESD-safe bags? :]

  • The best way to make sure the serial port is still working is to write a program where the Arduino echoes all serial commands it receives. Then, you can hook it up to a computer, send random characters to it, and watch them appear in the serial monitor.