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  • Ok so scaling the encoder value to give a single LED per encoder-click-rotation:

    • Figure out the top / bottom end of your encoder values

      https://gist.github.com/3983909 ( upload this sketch to your Uno )

    • Get the interval output from your encoder by looking at the count between clicks in the above sketch

      mine was +/- ~4 per physical encoder click

    • Divide total steps by # of LEDs

      256 / 16 = 16

    • number of LEDs ( 16 in this encoder LED ring ) * above number

      16 * 16 = 64

    • Scale the input to tmpvalue ln:97 by the interval output of your encoder

      counter += tmpdata * 4;

    • Edit the scaledCounter value on ln:104 ( EX: scaledCounter = map(counter,0,255,0,15); )


    • upload

    • Enjoy

  • At first look everything is awesome ... except we're looking at examples that aren't coded for real end-usability. EX: - The # of clicks to activate each LED step is inconsistent - The click function on the encoder doesn't toggle the LED on/off

    If we're looking to use this for real feedback: - 1-encoder-rotate-click >> 1 LED increase / decrease - encoder-rotate-click >> at least increments LEDs at consistent click-intervals - encoder-press >> toggles an on off

  • No you really should just never run IE...

    Ever. Period. Under no circumstances. Lastly its not like its ever going to get better, so your browsing experience will slowly degrade .

  • So I've heard about "resonance" speeds on stepper motors outlined here:
    i've coded RPMs on the steppers to be 60 .. they run fine ..
    double it to 120 .. and your motor tweaks out and barely moves ... so i was wondering whats the MAX RPMs this unit can drive the stepper at?
    im looking to design a ramp-up ( motor speed easing ) function on my arduino .. which apparently will get it a tad bit more speed ?
    but just wondering if you have any thoughts on implementing something like the bi polar => single pole for higher speeds

  • i had a look at the diagram on page 5 .. and it looks like the protection diodes (as labeled on the diagram ) aren't even functional ?
    for example the diode off of the ground ( the one immediately to the right of the motor ) flows AWAY from the ground ...
    can someone confirm that this is a bit wonky ?
    im thinking i might get a few of these to run some steppers but im kind of at a loss right now :D

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