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  • I use 3 OS's OS X, Ubuntu and win2k, none of which will run visual basic 2008. So I created a new version of avrdude. I've posted the source at http://alan.backlund.googlepages.com/sfxb_avrdude-5.6.tgz .
    Use the usual unix ./configure and make to build it (under cygwin in windows). It adds a new programmer type "sfxb" that works with Wireless_Bootloader_ATmega168.c. It requires the avrdude.conf generated by make so put avrdude (or avrdude.exe) and avrdude.conf in your working directory and run like this "avrdude -c sfxb -C avrdude.conf -p m168 -P com8 -U flash:w:Blink.hex".
    It does not toggle rts to reset the avr, avrdude never did. So reseting can still be a problem. I plan to continue working on improving Wireless_Bootloader_ATmega168.c and avrdude.

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