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  • Why? A higher entry cost, as described by galed, and a more restrictive environment in terms of app development, really don’t seem favorable over Android. Especially when you can pick up an older Android device sub $100, off contract.

  • Processing, or the Processing based Arduino IDE?

  • If you’re on a prepaid account you’ll have to buy a 24 hour pass for web. You can do it from tzones on a cell, or by logging into your account on tmo’s site. It’ll take $2 off your balance. It’s a hassle that forced me to use AT$T, as they charge by the kb for prepaid.

  • Hey SF, while the passthrough sketch is great for testing commands, it doesn’t explain the usage of the unit. A sketch that used some of the features would be great. Perhaps a couple sketches that showed how to place a call, send a text, and request a webpage?

  • Unsolicited marketing of one’s business in the comments section of a website. If only there was a word for that.

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