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  • Where does one get the cool mini shopping cart shown with the SAM21 boards in the banner on the main SparkFun page? I want...

  • "Congratulations! At this point your Bright Bunny kit is complete! (Note that due to normal variations in parts, Bright Bunny's appearance and operation may differ slightly from kit to kit.)"

  • "Iz hard to clim corpret laddr, even fur Lucky dogz."

    (See as LOLDogz image here .)

  • "Stand back, because I'm only going to show you this once..."

  • "Here we see the very rare electric Kinkajou and its natural prey."

  • Wow, you're right. The datasheets sure don't make that obvious.

    It's kind of misleading that they use the diagram for a regular FET for this device. Pretty much any other device with this symbol will not switch completely on if the gate voltage is less than the rail. It's only because these parts have the words "Logic Level" in their titles that they don't need a charge pump driving the gates.

    Bottom line: If these devices are your first foray into power FETs, be aware that most other power FETs aren't this easy to hook up to an Arduino!

  • Unfortunately, I have neither a Windows installation disk nor VMWare Fusion / Parallels. With Windows 7 running around $150 and Parallels around $50, that adds $200 to the price of the scope. And that's starting to get into the low end of stand-alone unit prices which would actually be much more convenient on my workbench.

  • Yeah, I was pulling my wallet out... and then read your comment.


    I'd love something like this for the Mac.

  • So I've been looking at the VLSI app note about the analog outputs, and I'm concerned about the GBUF pin being tied to the sleeve of the 3.5mm jack on this board.

    For my application, I intend to drive a pair of amplified PC speakers rather than headphones. In this case, I think a ground-loop condition will occur which could kill the VS1063. I'm guessing I should cut the trace that connects the GBUF pin to the sleeve of the jack, and wire the sleeve to ground instead.

    Can you confirm whether this is correct or not?

  • What Stig didn't realize was that sorting resistors, however painful, was not enough to get him into Valhalla.

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