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  • It's a great way to present hardware. It's not just for hardware beginners, it allows for a software & hardware beginner to learn how microcontroler programming works, with this if something isn't working, you know that it must be a code problem. Anyway, if you are working with electronics, seriously, sooner or later you will face the soldering issue, but with this you can first learn the software side and postpone the hardware problem. This can be a great relief if you don't know nothing about software and hardware. It is like working with a development kit, but you can take apart at the end and use it for a practical purpose.

  • I use KiCad in the university and it's quite complete. I don't like Eagle, just because everyone around me uses KiCad and I'm not used to it (to be honest I've never needed to give it a chance). I only find Eagle's files here at Sparkfun.
    I think that you usually start with something which you know that you have avaliable and fast support and it is popular, you have seen it, etc. So, I understand why everybody uses Eagle, althought (IMHO) there is an open source project quite competitive avaliable. But I don't understand why Sparkfun (the place where I see open hardware turns reality) don't work with open software tools. If at least provides the library files for a open source alternative (not necessarily kicad)... you can convert egle librarys to kicad easily, but at least you know about other files. If fritzing it's an option, or any other open software, it is ok, I talk about KiCad because it is what we work with.
    I know that it is more complex, double work, but I see here a educational place, and we are talking about open hardware all the time, that's why. Anyway, you guys are doing a very good work and it is your iniciative. Just I think it would be even greater in that way.
    (first comment and I started giving advices in bad english, sorry!)

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